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On your RingCentral Online Account, click Tools Downloads under Meetings. Under the Meetings for Desktop tab, click Download for Mac. Wait for the download to finish. The file will be saved on your computer's Downloads folder by default. Download RingCentral Meetings from Downloads Page. Go to RingCentral Downloads. Download the RingCentral Phone app for Android - the essential application to your RingCentral business phone system. Manage your phone system directly from your Android phone and take your.

RingCentral App
Collaboration Productivity Message Video Phone More
The RingCentral app provides an intuitive, unified experience that lets you message, video, and phone wherever you are.

RingCentral App for PC, Mac, Android, iOS – Message, Video, Phone in one place.

Download Ringcentral App Mac

Work from anywhere with the RingCentral app. It’s got everything you need to stay connected: team messaging, video meetings and phone - all in one app.


Create teams for projects, specific topics, or departments.

Share links and files with no size or storage limits

Invite guests from outside your organization for free.

RingCentral Video ™ :

Hold or join HD video meetings.

Join audio through your computer or dial in using local and global numbers.

Collaborate in real-time with screen sharing and whiteboards.


Use one business phone number for calling, SMS, and fax.

Access advanced call options like Call Park, Call Flip, and more.

Download Ringcentral Phone App

Route incoming calls efficiently with a multi-level auto attendant.

Staying connected has never been easier with Apps that Learn™

May 2020

System requirements

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra or above
  • Available on iOS and Android
BT Cloud Phone for Mac
Collaboration Productivity SMS Message Phone More
Make calls, send text, start conferences, or send faxes from your computer with a click of a mouse without leaving your Mac apps.

With BT Cloud Phone Desktop App, you can access your phone system directly from your computer and take your business calls, voice messages, texts, and faxes anywhere you have a broadband connection. Untether your office and keep productive by moving easily between your Mac files and business communications on the same computer.

Detailed Description:

Intuitive Interface and Advanced Call Management

  • Plug in a headset and use BT Cloud Phone Desktop App to make and receive calls, texts, and faxes from your Internet-enabled Mac. HD voice quality offers clearer sound.
  • All messages instantly sync with your account, so you can stay on top of your communications.
  • User-friendly robust call controls - make cold or warm call transfers, park calls in the cloud, flip calls on the fly, record conversations instantly, and more.
  • Add up to four callers to an existing call, or split calls at any time.
  • Screen incoming calls - ignore calls, send callers to voicemail, or reply with automated prepared messages.
  • Your company directory is synched and automatically updated so you can see when your colleagues are available for a chat or call.

Voice Conferencing and Web Meetings

  • Easily start an audio conference or web meeting from BT Cloud Phone Desktop App without needing to use separate applications.
  • Send invitations by email or text, and include international dial-in numbers when you need them.
  • Participants also using BT Cloud Phone Desktop App can automatically join a conference call from the invitation, with no cumbersome dial-in numbers to remember.
  • Add callers any time during a conference call.
December 2017


Download Ringcentral Fax Software

  • Requires an existing BT Cloud Phone account. Some features are available only with select BT Cloud Phone service packs.
  • Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra or above
  • Intel processor
  • Minimum of 512 MB of memory
  • 200 MB of hard drive space

Ringcentral App Desktop Download

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