How To Download Instagram On Bluestacks For Mac

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Much to the chagrin of Instagram users, there’s still no official, native app available to download for Windows PCs or Macs. However, Instagram has already solved this problem in an exceptionally efficient way, and on top of that, a little pinch off the third-party software block can actually get the popular social media app downloaded to. This will open the site from which you can download the BlueStacks player. Click Download BLUESTACKS. It’s a green button in the middle of the page. Then Install BlueStacks. To do so, double-click the BlueStacks EXE file, then do the following: Click Yes and then; Click Install now and; Wait for BlueStacks to install. Click listed below download icon to start with downloading the Giant Square for Instagram.APK on your PC just in case you don't get the undefined from google playstore. How to Download Giant Square for Instagram for PC or MAC: Download BlueStacks Android emulator for.

Instagram is intended for photo sharing, video sharing, and social networking on the web. Famous for its photo filters, it is one of the most popular online services at present with growing number of users including thousands of Instagram followers. However, it was not designed to be used on a desktop or laptop computer. It is mainly accessible through apps designed for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Nevertheless, there are options to use Instagram on standard desktop or laptop computers. If you really want to make use of it with a full physical keyboard and a large display, there are ways to do it. One of these ways is through the BlueStacks App Player or simply BlueStacks. Image courtesy of Cho Joo Young /

How To Download Instagram On Bluestacks For Mac

BlueStacks App Player, as the name implies, is a software intended to run apps meant for mobile devices. You can say it is some kind of emulator. It provides the platform that enables apps to run on desktop or laptop computers. It has versions for both Windows and Mac OS X systems. For now, BlueStacks focuses on running Android apps.

How to get bluestack

So how do you use BlueStacks to enjoy Instagram’s functions on your computer? The instructions below should serve as your guide.

How To Download Instagram On Bluestacks For Mac

1. Install and run BlueStacks.

Bluestacks 4 Download And Install

Obviously, you need to have BlueStacks on your computer. It’s free and you can get it on the official BlueStacks site. The Windows version works for XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 8. The Mac version only works with Mac OSX. You will be asked whether you want to receive notifications and turn on BlueStacks Spotlight to access daily app giveaways. You may ignore these as they don’t have direct effects on your BlueStacks usage.

How To Install Bluestacks


After BlueStacks has been installed, start it. Your first task is to associate BlueStacks with a Google account to access and install apps from the Google Play store. You just have to go to the “My Apps” section of BlueStacks and select “1-Click Sync Setup.” Just follow the prompts that will be shown. Once you’re done with this, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Search for and install the Instagram app.

You should be able to find the Instagram app through the search facility of BlueStacks by the time you enable Google Play access (step 1). Install the app. You may get confused as BlueStacks presents three app markets: 1Mobile, Amazon, and Google Play. Just install Instagram through either of these options.

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3. Get acquainted with the BlueStacks interface.

If this is your first time to use BlueStacks, you have to be familiar with how it works first. It is an emulator designed to imitate the way apps work on devices with touch-controlled displays. You have to know the counterpart controls so you can properly use the app you will be using.

These are the basics you have to know:
Use ctrl+ and ctrl- to zoom in or out (pinch to zoom on touch enabled devices)
The Z and X buttons are used to imitate the tilting of a device.
You will be using the mouse for your touch gestures. You have to do the typical “clicking” and “dragging” (moving the mouse pointer while holding the left mouse button) to use the apps. This should be intuitive enough for most computer users.

If you are using a touch-based device like a Windows 8 laptop, you may use apps in the same way you would use them on smartphones or tablets.

4. Run and use Instagram.

After getting the hang of using BlueStacks, you may now start using Instagram on your computer. Run the application and use it the way you would use it on a mobile device. You should be able to access virtually every function of the app that can be used on mobile devices.

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How To Download Bluestacks For Pc

How to get bluestack

Of course, you will have to log on to your Instagram account. Logging in should feel somewhat better via BlueStacks since you have a full keyboard to input your username and password. You can now browse through your friends’ photos, post comments, or “like” photos. If you need more guidance on setting up your Instagram account for PC use, just visit

The only issue you would probably encounter some difficulty with in using Instagram via BlueStacks is the taking and uploading of photos. By default, Instagram will be using a computer’s camera. If your computer does not have one, you have to configure Instagram to “Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera.” You can do this quickly. Just go to the “Settings” of Instagram to find “Camera Settings.” After this, Instagram will have been set to browse photos stored on your computer.

Install Bluestacks On Mac

Apply filters and upload as much as you want. Just remember that your computer should be web-connected so you can upload your media, browse other users’ media, like, and post comments.

As simple as that – you just have to install BlueStacks, then Instagram, and do some minor configurations. You can do this for other applications as well. BlueStacks is not just for Instagram. Almost every other Android app should run on your PC via BlueStacks. Try it and enjoy the best of both mobile and desktop/laptop worlds.

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